the hair accessories you need right now

Hair accessories are having a moment right now, they are in every
fashionista’s heart and closet, as well as mine. they upgrade any look and gives him effortless yet chic and stylish vibes. you can go with solid hair accessories that will complete the look or with bold, statement hair accessories that will immediately upgrade your look. except from the fact they are pure chic they also very comfortable and keep your hair out of your face.
in today’s post im sharing with you my top three hair accessories of the season

Hair scarfs– do you know those days when you having a bad hair day and all you can do is tie it up to a ponytail but it’s still not perfect?? hair bands are the ultimate solution – tie it around your hair band and you created a
chic and stylish look. it’s also perfect if you like to have contrast in your look- pair the heir scarf with a more edgy look (denim and leather jacket ) and you good to go. you can find in the market a variety of hair scarfs from solid colors to prints such as leopard or polka dots. hair scarfs are also a great item to experience with trends (the scarf print for example)

Hair band– to all of “Gossip Girl” fans out there (including me) this one is for you. the oh so iconic hairpiece from the show is now doing a huge comeback straight to our wordrobe and you can see so many designers giving their own interpretations to the hair band (Prada for example). the hair band gives a sophisticated interesting touch to any look. I like to pair it with a sloppy braid. go for a thick hairband made of silk or satin.

Hair clips– there is nothing I hate more than having my hair on my face with is why im number one fan of hair clips, on days I want to have my hair down i just add clips on one side (my favorite) and reveal a statement earring. you can find different shapes, prints, and materials (pearls are my favorites). go on bold, statement clips that will upgrade the look.

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