four pieces I’m transfering from winter to spring

I know, I know, its February now and we can feel the cold more than ever, but, slowly slowly ,we are moving into spring, into lightweight fabrics, dresses, and sandals. in today’s post, I’m sharing with you my four items I’m taking from my winter wardrobe into my spring one.

Satin skirt- the satin skirt has been a huge trend this season, and honestly, how you can resist them, the elegant and feminine, you can wear them day and night and go with every item in your closet. there are a variety of satin skirts such as monochrome or printed, midi or asymmetric etc’. if in winter time we wore the satin skirt with big chunky knits and booties in spring we will wear them with tees and sneakers or mules and thin turtle neck.

for the skirt press
for the top press

Midi dress- the dresses we wore during winter we also can easily take them with us to spring. switch the booties with espadrilles or mules and the coat for a cool denim jacket. at night, you can wear them with heels, a leather jacket, and some statement earrings.

for the earrings press

High knee boots- my obsession for knee-high boots, if you follow me on Instagram, you already know, those boots are feminine and elegant and give a sophisticated, fashion-forward touch which is why there is not a chance i am ditching them during spring. wear them with light and feminine dresses to create this cool contrast between the coolness of the boots to the femininity of the dress.

for the shoes press

Turtle necks- this one is an absolute must in every closet, during winter it’s the ultimate layering piece while in springtime you can wear them with skirts or underneath dresses. go for more light whits fabrics just like

tell me in the comments what are you taking with from winter to spring

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