How to dress in winter ?

At fall, I really enjoyed all the layers and the light weight jackets, but, in winter time, its time to pull out of the closet all the big guns, which can sometimes undermine us fashionably. on today’s post, I’m sharing with you my top tips on how to look stylish yet warm and cozy this winter

Statement shoes- as you already know, accessories, and, especially shoes, can transform the whole look. in winter time’ i like to choose a statement boot whether its the color, the print or the material.

Show your waist- as much as I love winter fashion, sometimes we can look a little boxy from all the layers. one of the main trends these past few years is to emphasize your waist, which is one of the most feminine areas of our body (don’t you think ?). it can be a big statement belt, a strappy belt that picks through between the layers or even the wrap belt that attached to the coat. if belts are not your cup of tea you can go for a crop coat or jacket

Play with layers– one of my favorite things when it comes to building my look is playing with layers, textures, and prints. head to toe all black look can sound a little boring but, when the top is neat, the bottom is denim, a leather, and shearling coat, you get a sophisticated and stylish look. you can also plat with prints like stripes, polka dots or flowers to upgrade the look and for sophisticated vibes.

Invest in a coat- the first thing people can see is your outerwear, which is why it worth investing in. splurge on a good quality coat that matches your own personal style. it can be the oh so classic and elegant trench coat or the edgy and sophisticated leather jacket or shearling coat. leather trousers combined with a turtle nack sound quite basic, but, pair a trench coat with a statement belt and some killer boots and you got a stylish and sophisticated outfit.

Accessories- yes, I know, super obvious, but there is no look complete without accessories . in winter time you can go wild this it; big chunky scarfs, wool hats, begs or big shady sunnies. go for more bold accessories that will upgrade your look. this is also the place to experience with trends (the animal prints trend or the cowboy trend for example)

tell me in the comments how you upgrade your winter wardrobe? what tips do you have to build a fashionable and stylish wardrobe for winter?


  1. Alice Hope January 15, 2019 / 5:11 pm

    Love this post and the outfit in the photos! I really agree with the layering concept, if you add different textures it can make an outfit so much more interesting! Love your blog, I’ve just followed you!

    Alice x

    • noabrosh
      January 15, 2019 / 6:44 pm

      So happy to hear you loved it !!! And totally agree

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