the ultimate guide to Bangkok

I have to admit that eight years ago, when I visited Bangkok, I had very unpleasant memories from her. it was dirty, polluted and very outdated, which is why, this time, I had very low expectations, and, I have to tell you, I was very surprised from all the changes that happened in those eight years.
In Bangkok, the average tourist will live like a king- massages all day long, luxury hotels, bars and a variety of restaurants.

In Bangkok, you can find a variety of hotels- from motels to four and five-star hotels. I stayed at the Marriot Marquis Queen. a breathtaking five-star hotel – already from the lobby you can feel like you entered a palace and you can notice the luxury in the small details, the rooms are also beautiful (when I want to copy paste the room to my real room I know that the hotel stood in all my expectations and even more ) . of course, you have all the facilities you need such as a spa, pool, fitness area, four restaurants, and a rooftop to the hotel

the ultimate guide to Bangkok the ultimate guide to Bangkokthe ultimate guide to Bangkok

In the last few years, Bangkok became a culinary capital with influences from the west – you could find here Mishlen and luxury restaurants or street food restaurants. from the traditional Thai food to Italian food and meet – everyone will find his nichethe ultimate guide to Bangkok

Wine depot- just across the Marriot hotel you will find this Italian restaurant who serve great pizza and pasta. I ordered Boulogne which was great as the steak that was perfectly made. also, the seafood lovers will find what they want- and the prices are very much affordable.

El Gaucho- a fancy restaurant, known for it meet. the prices are high but, if you feel like splurge on a good steak this is the place. except for steak, you can find there fishes and burgers (kid will find himself either). its located on Sukhumvit.

Unicorn cafe- a coffee shop based on unicorns – light blue and pastel pink shades cover the sofas, unicorn doll’s hanging from the ceiling and extra friends with you at the table. there is also food in this coffee shop but I suggest you pass it and go straight to deserts- the begin waffle is just great and is all painted, guess with what, pastel colors. if you want to go all out, you can also rent a unicorn Wannsee. for children, this coffee shop is an absolute dream.

Rooftop bars –a very recommended and popular night out is to check one of the many rooftop bars the city has to offer. be aware that there is a dress code to most of them and flip flops and shorts will not be welcomed, the prices are quite high but, trust me, the view worth it all. I was at my hotel’s rooftop bar and some more recommended bars are: lebua’s sky bar ו banyan tree’s(the movie ” Hangover 2″ was filmed there)

Bangkok is a great shopping destination and there is a huge selection of shopping centers. I suggest you skip the famous MBK and go straight to the SIAM shopping center. here you can find everything- from luxury brands  to Siam website

as Dior, Chanel, and Louis Vitton do high street shops like Zara and H&M. the makeup lovers among us (just like me) will be thrilled to hear that Sephora is also included , and finally, you have an entire floor dedicated to food.

Bangkok is filled with things to do, so, also those of you who don’t interested in walking around shops all day long, will be glad to hear Bangkok has so much more to offer

temples- the Thai people believe in Buddhism, and therefore, a variety of breathtaking, worth visiting temples. I decided to skip it this time because last time i was here I did it, but, I think you need to check at least one ( i recommend the WAT ARUN temple).

markets- a great way to absorb a country’s culture, especially Thailand, is through her markets. when it comes to market, pay cloth attention to which you are going and don’t go anywhere. I fell in love with the floating market: its a really nice activity (for kids especially)- go from stand to stand, taste different food (the coconut ice cream is just amazing) and even bargain with the sellers. another market that worth visiting during the afternoon is the Flower market, and, lastly, the night markets are very nice.

zipline- an amazing activity, I force you to not skip it!!!. about one and a half hour drive from Bangkok, into the woods, you can do a zip line. the view is so beautiful and the zip line is suitable for kids (my 8 years old sister had so much fun). when you go for an extreme sport it is better to pay a little more to western companies (i did it with an Australian company named “Sky Of The Gibbon “) and to know you are safe.

massage- there is nothing more relaxing and fun, than a foot, body, head or oil massage, combine it with super chip prices, and, you’ve arrived in heaven. you can find it in any corner so, don’t go to the hotel spa because they will charge you much higher.

the ultimate guide to Bangkok

Tell me in the comments about your vacation to Bangkok?
what were your fave part of the trip?

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