How to wear the snakeskin print trend

One of the biggest trends for fall&winter 2019 is the animal prints and if to be more specific, the snakeskin print trend. It gives us a really sophisticated, luxuries, elegant and powerful look, but, very easily, if we’re not careful, can give as a real chip and trashy look (which we want hard to avoid). but don’t worry my darlings, this is why I’m here, to give you all my tips and tricks to how to wear the snakeprint on the best way possible.

how to wear the snakeskin printhow to wear the snakeskin print

1. THE QUALITY- when looking after your perfect snakeskin print item, pay close attention to the quality of the fabric. you don’t want it to look and feel chip – make sure the fabric doesn’t frame or ripped, and if it’s not then make sure it won’t happen easily. try to reach to fabrics like silk and cotton that look and feel much more laxuries and good quality.

2. THE ITEM- another important thing that you need to pay attention to, is, the item itself, choose elegant and classic garments like blazers, trench coats, and wide-leg trousers and avoid really short or too much skin exposing pieces that can make you look very trashy.

3. GIVE YOUR SNAKESKIN PRINT PIECE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION- make sure that the snakeskin print item gets the full attention and that it is the star of your outfit. combine it with more muted or monochrome items just like I did in the look I’m wearing (all over black outfit and the snakeskin print blazer). of course, you can mix it with other prints and if you want to know how then check out my post on how to wear prints.

4.ACCESSORIES- if you feel that the snakeskin print trend is a little over your head then ,a good place to start from is the accessories.whether its a snakeskin print bootie, bag or even a belt its a great way to incorporate the snakeskin print trend into your outfit.

In this outfit m wearing myMango black polo neck with black skini jeans and black chanky heal booties I added thisZara snakeskin print blazer and rolled the sleeves up to create a very chic and elegant but still trendy outfit ///

those were my tips and tricks to how to rock the snakeskin print trend. tell me about yours



    • noabrosh
      October 30, 2018 / 5:42 am

      Thank you babe , I say go for it , it’s such a staple.

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