five top atractions in Kho-Samui

Thailand is one of my favorite countries to visit there is so much to see and do and I can never get bored.
on today’s post I want to share with you my 5 top attractions to do in Kho Samui :

1.go trucking in the jungles- we went to a two and a half hours long trip on the jungles of Samui. each ATV can carry up to 2 people and you don’t need a license  for an order to drive. the drive itself is very fun and its a different and great way to see a different side of the island. you have a lot of options when it comes to this trip- you can only ride or you can take a guide and stop at some amazing viewpoints, waterfalls and of course, the big Buddha. the only thing I will say is that you need to make sure you are choosing a known, safety company (we had a problem with ours and we had to left 3 ATVs on the wat cause they were broken)


2. snorkeling in KhoTao- whether you’re an experienced divers or you just want to explore the sea world, snorkeling and diving is a very unique attraction, especially when you do it in Kho Tao. in about an hour an a half on a speedboat we will arrive at any diver paradise and dream: the reef is absolutely remarkable and stunning and the fishes are swimming against your eyes in a variety of shapes and colors. kids also will love it !!!. as a part of our trip, we stoped at Ko Nang yuan which is a beach stripe separate the two sides of the ocean. we can also go up to hill about 20 minutes to an epic viewpoint looking at the island. we ware at the island for 2 hours swam in the sea and did some extra snorkeling.

3. water extreme sport- there is so many water sport you can do like Banana and tube, or as i did, jet ski (with I recommend the most) here as well you don’t need any license and there are a lot of option about the trip we will want to do with the Jet Ski- you can go for three hours or an hour and a half trip going from Samui to Kho Phangan or, that like me, you can just rent for as much time as you want.

4.drug show- all around the city there are drug shows, the experience is very funny and despite what you might think it also fit for kids and there are not inappropriate subjects the entrance is free and all you need to do is buy you drink and watch the performance.


5. Chawang beach and the fisherman village- at night, those are the places to be at. while the city is full of bars and clubs the fisherman village filled with stores and beautifully design restaurants. on Fridays from 18:00- 22:00 you even have fair. massage is a must have after a long day, and lucky for you, you can find one in every corner, at the fisherman village i recommend you the “Cyan Spa”. one last thing, don’t miss out the famous desert of Thailand – “Banana Loty”

if you want to see everyting i did in Samui chack out my instagram – noabrosh12

tell me about your expirience and vaction at Samui or anywhere in Thailand

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