my top 5 destinations for that time of the year

when September arrives it symbolizes the end of an era – the end of summer, the end of our beloved holidays and the back to our routine, but, I say that there is still time for one last breakaway and in today’s post I’m sharing with you my top 5 destinations for this time of the year

1. Mykonos- in case you are not sick from hearing me talk about this dreamy destination, September is a great time to pay a visit there. the weather is still warm and the sites are not as tourist and crowd like they were on August and July. if you are not yet prepper to say goodbye to days by the beach and need some extra work on your tan Mykonos is the place for you.


2. Barcelona- another verry loved destination in Europ is Barcelona. you can start your day exploring the amazing architecture of the city, then do some shopping at “Las Ramblas” and end your day with a cocktail at the beach- Barcelona has it all from great restaurants to an amazing nightlife.IMG_8275[1]21435947_1543727128998013_4207903335337951232_n

3. Baku- probably most of you never heard about this super chip but a luxurious destination. its the capital of Azberizan and in the last few years, it became a popular place for some getaway- it has great hotels (Four sesons, Hilton or Marriot) and in great deals, amazing and beautiful restaurants, you can stroll around Louis Vitton and Chanel, go to pubs and clubs and for some culture you have the old town and an amazing, very recommended rug museum.








4. Thailand- a well known, all year destination, is, of course, Thailand. this destination really has it all and you can spend here so much time and never get bored – from the urban Bankok to the peaceful Krabi and Kopipi to luxurious Kho-Samui to Kho-Pangan the full moon island.  its also the perfect place for a honeymoon or a family vacay thanks to it’s low prices.

5. Israel- my last but not least destination is Israel, for those of you who don’t know I live in here and can 100% recommend you about this place- first, the weather is amazing this time of year (not too hot but not too cold ) you can start your trip with the full of history and culter city Jerusalem and then move on to Tel Aviv and Eilat which are all about the eat sleep dance and also beach life. the people are very welcoming, the food is amazing and you can find hear all the types of restaurants.




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