how to wear prints

there are 3 types of fashion lovers- those who love neutral and solid looks, those who love prints and vibrant colors and those who love both. for many years I was on the side who loves solid and monochromatic looks but, recently I became a print freak- floral, strips, polka dots- you name it. I think prints are very fun and bring personality to an outfit, you can wear an all-over print, you can mix different prints or solid with print for a more muted look. so today I will give you my tips on how to wear prints sophisticatedly.


1. when mixing prints, one of them should be smaller from the other one. in my outfit, I’m wearing small flowers at the top and big one at the bottom. it will keep your proportions and will look much more sophisticated

2. go for the same color pallet (soft colors, warm colors) or, vice versa, Contrasting colors (black and white)

3. show some skin and create a partition between the prints. go for a crop and some high waisted skirt or trousers, and if you are going for a dress or a jumpsuit, a big belt is a great option

4. if you are not feeling comfortable with mixing different prints then mix just one, sets are a huge trend at the last few years and you can pick up from the store any set in any print who would like

5. you can also choose your accessories as your print source. go for an all-black look with some leopard shoes or a floral bag.

For the old town of Mykonos, I went for a white, small flowers top and a high waisted black with big flowers midi skirt and I fell in love with the combination. I teamed it with white sliders and felt so dreamy and chic.

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