how to pack all you need in a carry on

over the past few years, more and more people prefer low-cost flights and I am among them- I already despise airplane food and prefer spending my money on a better hotel and some extra shopping :). one of the terms to low-cost flights is to carry only a carry on bag, and I’m here to help you figure out how you pack everything you need in this little suitcase whether you are heading to cold London or summery Mykonos. so next time you are booking a flight don’t be warry going for the low cost.


mix and match
when thinking about clothes think about items you can wear multiple times and ways- denim is a great option for city breaks while maxi skirts are a great option for the beach. also, think about the versatility of the items choose your color palette so all your garments will work together – neutrals i love for city vibes (New York for example), soft and romantic colors for Mykonos or vibrant loud colors for South America. then look for garments that can be dressed up and down like skirts and jumpsuits, just change to a more fancy shoe and a little clatch and you set for the evening.



choose your accessories wisely. your accessories can transform you’re all look to look completely different- i personally take one day bag and one for going out. sunglasses, hats, jewelry and belts are also a great way to update your look. and of course- your shoes- when it comes to shoes I take one pair for walking around or heading to the beach and another one for going out.

mini size products
when it comes to your beauty bag, you only allowed carrying 100 ml of liquid so the best solution is: 1. transfer your shampoo and conditioner to small containers or 2. just go for mini size products- we all have samples that just lay in our bathroom , so, now it’s a great time taking them out, and,  if you don’t own a lot of samples today every company does mini size products: from makeup to perfumes to even sprays. also, you save room by not bringing your full-size bottle bat only mini ones.

wear your heavy items on the flight
quite obvious but still, wear your heaviest items on you during the flight, your big chunky coat, your snickers, your biggest bag (also come very handy) and generally everything that takes to much room for your other items.

roll and don’t fold
not only what you pack is important but also how you pack. i discovered the rolling system two years ago and I’m telling you my packing life has changed – start from your smaller cloth and roll them side by side and then on top put your bigger item that maybe it’s better for them to be folded (neats for example). I also recommend buying a suitcase with two sections and put your cloth in one section and rest in the other.IMG_1054

those are my tricks for how to pack all your essentials and everything you need for your perfect vacation all in one carry on.

tell me about your trick

love noa


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