my summer beauty must haves

I love makeup, I love it so deeply that I’m willingly spending my not so many money on it, I love playing with new products, create new looks, feel my best version of me, but, if to be honest, in summertime I also can find it the hardest thing to do, constantly worrying my foundation will smudge, my mascara will run all over my under eyes and the concealer will crease in two hours. it’s really difficult to put some makeup on – its so hot that you don’t wanna feel a thing but it also so humid that you need to set it and that you can feel ,oh, you can feel . so, after this way too long opening its time for me to tell you about my most beloved summer beauty products that help me get through the season.

primerprimer is a key product on my summer beauty list, it keeps the makeup many more hours but still, if you choosing the right one, gives you luminosity and hydration. MARC JACOBS BEAUTY under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer is a primer I absolutely adore thanks to the five types of coconut to nourish and hydrate the complexion. Fresh & Fit Awake Primer by Essence is another great option from the drugstore (5.99$)

foundation/ bb/cc cream
on this section, it really depends on the coverage you want, if you’re going for flawless I love the “Armani luminous silk”- great coverage while still radiant and light on your face so you bearly notice it. if you want a little less coverage than go for a bb or a cc cream that will also nourish your skin – It cosmetics ” your skin but better” cc cream is a great potion. One last tip, choose a product that has SPF so your face also look flawless and protected from the sun 🙂

when I’m feeling lazy or just wake up loving my skin i don’t even bother applying foundation but only concealer- a full coverage and lightweight one will do the job for you. I personally really enjoy the Becca “Aqua luminous perfecting” concealer and also the Color Pop “No filter”concealer. another good way that I love doing during the hot months (and always) is to put the foundation only in the eras i don’t put concealer (fewer layers- less creasing- less heaviness)

the powder is quite tricky. we have a lot of needs and expectation from our powder- we cant have it feeling heavy, it needs to hold our makeup for the rest of the day and it needs to be invissible- so many demands for one little powder. the one that answers those needs for me is the “Lock It” setting powder by “Kat Von DE ” overall, I recommend going for translucent powder (Maybelline also have a great one).

bronzer and blush
here you have two options. the first one is to go for a cream blush and bronzer – looks a little more natural and feel less heavy or, to go for powder- much easier and quicker and stay for a longer time. when i need my makeup will face the challenges of nature i go with powder but for a few hours of arrangements, I stick to creams. my favorites are Marc Jacobs “Omega bronzer” in the shade “Tantric” the perfect balance between gray to orange tones, also love the Bobby Brown foundation stick in the shade”Warm Almond”- this one is also easy to blend. for blushes, I adore all Milani” blushes and in particular the shade “Rose D’oro” and also “Warm Soul” by Mac.

there is nothing satisfying more than when the light hits your face you look like a glowing goddess or a supermodel that just get out of the water. I like to go with a liquid first (love Marc Jacobs “Doe Drops”) and then add a pop of powder highlight like Maybelline “Master Chrome” on the highest point of the face. – for even an extra pop wet the brush with some Fix Plus or mist.

there is nothing more beautiful in summer than brown and golden tones on the eyelid- look so glamorous but effortless at the same time, so magical and perfect. deep brown un the crease and a pop of shimmer in the middle and inner corner will look perfect and feet for any occasion and look. every company has a pallet with neutral colors you just need to pick your right one I recommend Color Pop eye pallets, Dior and ABH also have a great selection to choose from.

and finally, lips- I always go for smooth hydrating lip products so it is great that lipgloss has it come back to our life. my lips are very gentle and get cracked and dry very quickly so for me a lip smoother or a Lobelo is a must on my bag – I use the Anna Lutan lip smoother at the moment and absolutely loving it.


last but not list mists are a great product to have on hand- before the makeup it helps with hydration, during the makeup it helps melt everything together and after the makeup, it helps to set it. it also good to refresh your makeup during the day- so many advantages. Mac Fix Plus or Tatcha “Luminous Dewy Skin” is great

tell me about your must-have products in your summer makeup bag
love noa

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